the day I watched death drive on by

NaPoWriMo Day 25
Prompt: A line from another poem, not necessarily verbatim

I can’t recall Emily Dickinson’s poem about death and driving. I’m so removed from the lines and the poem that usually capture my attention simply because it’s so profound. All that I could come up with is the line that is my title which was plenty to launch my own poem.

the day I watched death drive on by – version I

accelerated up the ramp
flakes coming down around
on the hood

wipers wiping
snow covering gray
three lanes deserted

pedal pressed
with a spin
I spun out

I turned the wheel
against the rotation

car righted
sigh out
only to circle back the other way

like a children’s fair ride
I reeled

smucked the barrier
stunned I stared
at the wheel moving nowhere fast

as cars avoided me with their straight line
turning my head
funeral signs every other vehicle

© 2016 Colleen Knight


4 thoughts on “the day I watched death drive on by

    1. Thank you kindly, it was a fun prompt, Ray! I don’t like the memory of spinning in my car though. I’ll save that for another poem for another day.


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