Yeah, okay Mullen

NaPoWriMo Day 24
Prompt: Use overly poetic and everyday words

This exercise was to try and get me to keep my poetry grounded. My poetry is abstract and I’m writing a bit like Mullen the last couple of days and in this particular way, even after I’ve told people that I despise the use of the three periods in poetry because it reminds me of poorly written text messages.

This is as grounded as I seem to get. I’m in my happy place.

And, I’m going to argue for using verbs ending in “ing” alongside verbs that don’t end in “ing” – end of argument, mine anyway.

Yeah, okay Mullen

Catatonic Ann uses…Her stupendous oatmeal must taste…she says in her speech
about wanting…While she walks…The brewery is a colossus monument
to think…Corral in the morning for her trip to fly…In her knapsack, while loping…Depressed and romantic, her oracle is speaking…Her computer inherited by losing…She wears a fleece around and wanders…She’s shrewd as having…Folktales ran…All circular as diving…Chinchillas drank…


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