sounds of hooom

NaPoWriMo Day 18
Prompt: The sound of home

Warks slang

“Waste not
want not,”
Nanny use ta saaay.
“Therrre wonce was a gurrl
who had a little currl
rrright in tha meedull
of her forehead
and when she wuz goood,
she was verrry verry goood,
but when she was baaad,
she was horrid!”
on double day-cker boos.
Coins in me pockit
ta spen’ at shop.
Mags, candy, meebee me favoorit sheeke.
Strangers in tooon.
Walk the ‘ole of Strat
wiv me aunt, cuzins, the whole lot of ‘em.
Bloody ‘ell it’s a long
walk to schuule in tha reeen
just to sit wiv a bunch of berks, twats and wankers.
Me bruthur he’s a bad’un he is.
Mum will find out soon enuf ‘bout the broken
shed window in the ‘llotments beyin’
Three Witches.
“Fookin ‘ell,” sez me Uncle Johnny
he sez that
all time.


2 thoughts on “sounds of hooom

  1. I know the first bit so well form my own childhood- my mum said it was about me and I belived her, horrified, believing that I was not loved. You captured the language, beautifully illustrating the scenes. Fab!

    Liked by 1 person

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