Lament the Famous – Version I

This is a poem re-write in response to Bertolt Brecht’s “Hollywood Elegies” for NaPoWriMo, Day 9. The original poem has five sections. I’ve chosen to just present the re-write of the first section.

I used a prompt from the website Language is a Virus, using what’s called homolinguistic translation and chose to do “free” translation as a response to each one of Brecht’s lines.

Lament the Famous – Version I

Legs crossed,
under a pink peppercorn tree,
small orbs raining
on me.
Poor creative people,
feet in gutter puddles
across the street.
Orchestral scores –
sheets of them
blown by the wind,
down the sidewalk,
and veering into traffic.
Grabbing one,
that floated my way
into the park,
I thinking about using it
to clean my windows;
like I use old newspapers –
to let the light in
during the day
when I can
It’s a hot light:
fiery like pink peppercorns.
Fiery like the old guy
in the same park,
just a different tree,
dancing under
the pelting pink peppercorns –
where there is hot light.
He crosses the street
to cool his feet
in gutter puddles
humming Bach’s Cello Suites.
As his friends
come together as one –
I can see the shimmering heat
raising off the tarmac
as I look at them
all gathering
in a wavy circle.


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