Window Envelope


I wrote a poem using enjambments, not breaking prepositional phrases to allow for a better flow. I’m wondering if this is, perhaps, a meta-poem.

I’m also thinking a great deal about Eileen Myles and her use of the word light in her poetry – it’s something that I think about, a great deal. This piece was also inspired by a fellow ModPo friend, Ray Maxwell, who taught me about prepositional phrases and flow.

Window Envelope

I like writing
a poem
that makes me look further
on down the page
to find out,
what it’s all about.
I may get somewhere
and find out something.
I could learn anything new,
or old,
or true,
or bold,
or nothing.
Nothing can lead
to something.
It can also lead me
to the light.
Surely, it can.
Where I write
the best.
I wonder
if there is a window.
Where he told me
to write good,
as I showed him
the snow. It should be
write well,
I think. Surely,
I can find
this light.


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