The word sex makes you read

NaPoWriMo Day 6.

I wrote a sonnet, following some of the instructions on Found Poetry Review as a prompt. I was influenced by another poem I read and further by another poet who made a comment about trying to communicate through text only – that moment when ideas riff off of other ideas and boom you need to hurry up and write it already before you forget your thoughts. I wrote 14 lines, following the ABABCDCDEFEFGG rhyme scheme and hopefully achieved a turn in the last two lines. I can also hear the unstressed, followed by stressed syllables, in the 10 syllabic lines in my diction, which may vary from yours.

Flat Screen Sonnet

You woo, then name her a personal slut.
Did you truly think that may make me stay?
No, about sex, about the power rut.
I cannot slow a sting ray in this way.
Round body parts of a flat screen poet.
To woo, seduce is a predicament.
Am I to just take this and just blow it?
Black hole like a flat screen experiment.
On click by click no matter share of times.
Am not a slut am I, to go by flick.
You left me, there’s more value in my rhymes.
Sex is so amazing and euphoric.
The rounds of a poet’s nipples breaks apart.
I bared it all in absence of our heart.


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