I hate my poem, Day 5

NaPoWriMo, Day 5. Some of us poets are getting thirsty, finding we have the munchies, or craving caffeine. This is the weirdest poem I’ve ever written, but I’m thirsty and I rooted through my kitchen and clearly I have enough drinks to have a non-alcoholic kitchen party. Yes, I abecedarianized the list of drinks in my fridge and cupboards. What do you want?


Kitchen Beverage Menu –

Beer Beverage
Carbonated Coke
Cold Cranberry Cream
Fennel Fruit
Gatorade Ginger
Ginseng Green
Herbal Honey
Jammer Juice
Mint mojito
Peppermint Prune
Punch Pure Peppermint
Ribena Root
Sparkling Straw
Table Tea
Water with –

Choose what you want
Help yourself


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