Short-Term – Version I

I took the poem “A Fit of Rhyme against Reason” by Ben Jonson and kept all of the rhyming words. I wrote my own poem using the rhyming words, keeping them all at the end like in the original poem, but made a new poem with them. I also tried to use unstressed followed by stressed syllables to give it a bit of a beat. My poem is completely different from Jonson’s.

Short-Term – Version I

I am at my wits,
end. And, my child is prone to fits,
Mixed conceit,
At one time school was a treasure,
Now I hold the metre stick to measure,
Cannot weight;
Perhaps it is my calling,
To keep my child from falling
Smack the ground;
Her report card is a bunch of letters,
No need to keep her fit with fetters,
Home school bound!
The education system as it’s known,
The idea of learning? It has flown,
Learning banish’d
We all used to be in school together
They said work hard and you will not wither,
But, it’s vanish’d
I may take her out and away,
I may not make her learn to stay,
She bewail’d
The fountain of hope and youth is nought but dry,
Why watch her enthusiasm die,
Then I’ve failed!
Hey Will.I.Am. if all the world’s a stage;
If I am at the age
I’m crowning;
I don’t need to move mountains, just make bays,
I don’t need this for a form of praise,
Stop frowning;
Feels like an insidious infection,
I’ll do it for her best protection
She’s not spoiled.
Can already hear the tsk of tongues,
Not about the rights but of the wrongs,
System failed.
Beneath me she will flourish,
With letters, explorations I will nourish
’Til restore
A level of learning I need to see again,
Synapses lighting up in brain,
Like before.
It is not for want
Schools be scant
Pretend measure,
The system seems abused,
The children are refused
Sister caesure
I no longer feel the need to please thee,
Leave it alone and like Lennon, let it be,
Not forever.
I only mean for this to be short-term time,
Still you’ll whisper it’s a crime, as a rhyme,
Stopping never.
Until we are caught up to meet,
I will stand steady on my feet,
You’re unsounder;
Do not take a parent for a fool,
You do her no justice while in school
No more, founder.


4 thoughts on “Short-Term – Version I

    1. Thank you, Ray. This is the second poem I’ve written with using someone else’s rhyming words. It forces me to write my own poem/story in a certain form, making it more of a challenge to tell, and I do love a challenge. I love constraints and I think I write better when using them.

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  1. I see you with a mic, rapping out the words or spoken words. It has that flow to it. The part where you said you do not make mountains but bays, made me burst out in laughter, haha. Nice! [Edited to fix a spelling error, no worries Noirfifre, it was just a spelling error.]

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