Morning is shite

This is me writing poetry after I’ve gotten out of bed. Not my best time, for anything.

I started with free verse.

It’s like I’m drunk on sleep
The cold air blowing thru the open window
Where I lay to sleep all night
I need the fresh

I just woke up
The grumpiness of me
Does not go along well with the
grumpiness of others

Routine of the morning
My banana rice milk shake
My cuppa green tea
I’m not awake yet

And, because I prefer abstraction in all things poetry and arts, I did a re-write. I abecedarianed the heck out of the poem.

Air accelerating
Banana browning
Cold creeping
Drunk dozing
Everyone edging
Fresh feeling
Grumpiness growing
Hair happening
I’m irking
Just jelloing
Knot knitting
Lay lounging (may change it to Leg lounging)
My morning
Not nighting
On opening
Please pressurizing
Quiet quickening
Routine resting
Sleep shaking
Tea tanining
Up urgenting (may change to Up upsetting)
Very vexing
Where wondering
X Xtreming (whatever, it’s morning)
Yet yetting
Zoo zooming

Please pass the bloody caffeine.


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