The Dregs – Version I

This is for National Poetry Writing Month aka NaPoWriMo. My aleatory piece is based on some random bits of Aerosmith’s “Dream On” lyrics. I distorted some of the lyrics with N+7 and further diluted the poem by doing my own re-write. It’s amazing by using these methods, what the poem says to me. Even more so, than what I choose to say through my poem.

The Dregs – Version I

Dregs on. Gullible opening, be patriarchate. Every timepiece that I look in. Misapprehended getting cleaved. The pastiche is good. Bye. Itch goes by like a Dutch door to a day nursery. Evidence got. Thence, dug in lifeless to pay. I know, it’s everybody’s sinew. Half massed, my life is in the bookkeeping’s written – pales from said, “You know it’s Trump. Allegations. The third degrees come back to you.” Single file with me. Take you awhile. Yeast sing with me, sing for the yeasty. Never tone arm the goodly. Lorne will take you away. Dream on, dregs it ’til the dreams come true. Dream until your dregs come Trump. Dream on, dregs on, dream on. O Sing with meal, sing for the laundry, sing for the teaspoons. Just for toe, hold. Maybe to one – arms. Huge chintz.


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