Flarfing offa “a friend’s” poem is too much fun

I flarfed on a friend’s flarf poem by Googling each word preceeded by “adopted Canadian” in the search engine. Then I changed words according to how they sounded. I added some words to create more flow. This was fun flarfing off of a friend’s flarf.

I feel naughty and subversive. I have been called incorrigible. Actually, I’ve been called worse.

Photo on 2015-11-26 at 12.29

let’s plan

it’s all Bert. a couple of blind sighs did guide. i’m a four-year-old, an adopted son and council is for waiting children.

can Ada’s waiting children who are searching and regarding unit management plan shun counting silly parents profiles? open world view: news registry, four of them swim, two about images, and it’s healthy for a Trans Month reunion.

myths. only realities are loony. what dancing. locals are bowling. you get that I need speech baby, no sponsorship or popular shunning.

a person determines findings from your parents’ welcome. in broken we’re painful Danes, from international names by records uncovers erosion.

i interrupted, write in. i’m hoping a couple of free families use the law of association. the unplanned have pathways.

bonds in dew and hay for me. flag stranded experts outside to go private and national.

despite travelling, your love is welcomed by a rocket?

my special abroad estate for showing should lose focus in the pandemic, until worlds resist the reform, inter-country conscription hosting is in our history. Encyclopedia rehoming complete…

i’m over pain, fully, and the accompanied recent plan…for your muzzled limbs?


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