Matt Had Ann

A lipogram with the letter ‘a.’

Had Ann a tan,
what bad man
warrant an attack
and stack a plan?

Grab a bag, Matt
Map far and
car tracks to track back
a sack and an arm hang.

And Matt saw a bag flap.
Wash a crack and a trap,
Wash a hat,
Wash a hand.

That yarn that Ann was
a warm act that attract
a bad man
wasn’t a bad call at all.

Adapt and add.
Add a gram.
An apt plan as fat and fast as
an ATV and an away plan.

Frank fact of law!
Draw that arc that
had flaws and had a flank.
Walk a plank and fall hard, Matt.

As tall as a law,
fact that Ann’s grand
and Matt’s rat face as
Matt’s flaws stand.


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