Howl And Other Poems by Allen Ginsberg: A Review

Howl and Other PoemsHowl and Other Poems by Allen Ginsberg
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“Howl – And Other Poems” by Allen Ginsberg is not just ashcan rantings. It’s his painful yet uplifting experiences along with his closest friends in America.

I’m enjoying the introduction written by William Carlos Williams, who is my second favourite poet at the moment. He gives insight into Ginsberg.

What leaves me curious about this small set of poems, is the final one, “In back of the real” which reads like the first line of the poem and distinctly brings to mind H.D.’s “Sea Roses” and “Sea Poppies.” But, what makes this different from Doolittle’s pure imagist poems is that it is more open and not as sculptural, it is also about America. It seems that all of Ginsberg’s poems are about America. And why shouldn’t they be? It’s where he lived, experienced a drag-out life that was brutal, yet he seemed to overcome obstacles along with friends with similar challenges, and he represents strength. His poems reflect his tenacity and will to live in an untenable world. I hear his out-cry.

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