Languaged Sandwich Melt

Poems from one word cloud.

Languaged Sandwich Melt


Red beds full of dead deeds.
Belief and relief over the grief.
Indeed, retrieve the make-believe.

Pronto unto the maestro’s bistro
to Paris tower to deflower.
Conveyor belts piled with pelts.

Buses fusses.
Ladies corsets.

Spring fling with no
wedding ring.


(Tinfoil hats
present desserts.)


Eventually, yet infrequently,
Morris is interrupted and disrupted
by his wife, Alice, who has erupted.

The welts unfolded gnats
and rats –
the flat rendered unto spats.


Atop lofts, Boris coughs.
Cuffs abruptly opened.

Wholeheartedly urges surge.
Converges back door –

beaver back-handed
Reprimanded, returned, burned brown.

Egregiously engineered
Steampunk steam locomotive.

Coldwater, old water,
fold daughter – untold spoiled halter.

Behold faulter.


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