Numbers. Version I

Sometimes, I write during my daughter’s piano lessons.

Numbers. Version I.

3 Three and four and seven and fourteen
4 and nineteen and twenty-two and
7 thirty-four and thirty-five. Beat poets
14 Beatnics Beatniks. Supervise surprise
19 get two lessons to get a little help from
22 my friend Doctors are sick physically
34 mentally, emotionally. Fucking nuts freaking neat
35 gotta make chicken for dinner diner dine din
chick in. Check in check out
cheque out. Cashier’s checkout on or of
outside awkward toward the sum sex sound of
toots and the may tell or not to tell that is
the answer to dance her rhythmic shoes to toot
the horn all the white key starts pretty
punching confident core possibilities probabilities
abilities itty ditty come and kitty kat is a brat
a rat in the kitchen so composing using in a
theory track attach. Stay up for an all nighter
remembering those half steps actually e f e f
the cat wakes me up in the middle of me
night howling Miles who is silly given to us by a
family who used to come here for lessons for their
lives, there are lives for their lessons.
that ten is yours for a half hour can’t deal
with clarifying what when where who what why wherewithal
playing piano keys kinds of sounds rounds ominous
platypus for my pjs pus autocorrect no yes
beatnik beatnic. Cal Berkelee piano teacher may
go to practice clarinet for a best chord afford Ford to the
accord or aforementioned Trudeau election boy oh boy
chicken there’s paws pause chromatic scale formal names


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