Family Recall

Crying. The Gibbs. Mother fell down the steps and landed on the four-year-old. Red tricycle. Disco. Bike stolen for its tassels on the handle bars. I lost my bike in a fire. Metric system. Father frowned. Everybody wanted to be a big building. Where was the top? The car was sold. Donald Duck smelled funny. Alberta hit by a gold rush. Lobster for dinner. In the stomach. Eating budgie seed and grass growing. Black and white bear. I got the teddy bear. increased oil and gas prices. Sleeping with his bum in the air. money really did grow on trees. A science experiment. Fever caused seizures. Saturday Night Fever. Thermometer in the rectum. President Nixon and Chairman Mao. relations with Communist China. Digging to China. Chased by adults. Table tennis. Teacher yells. pioneer spirit. Children stand up when called upon. Peeking in windows. Wings’ “Silly Love Songs.” Tears flowed. The strap. Trudeaumania. The Catholic school line-up. Walked past the public school. Face planted on the pavement. transforming the cities. Cut through other people’s backyards. Hitch hiked in a strange woman’s car, filled with children. “Mr. Dressup.” Santa Claus parade. The streetcar didn’t run. “You light Up My Life.” Photographs from a dark room. clear signs of prosperity. Coke in a glass bottle. Spit on the garage door. The pedophile got into his car. Canadian dollar became less valuable. Don’t throw the penny on the roof. Dogs are bad. A chihuahua chased. My neighbour pulled out some of my hair. have a bloody committee. The boy was bleeding from his head. Egyptian tanks. I ran around making noise with my shoed feet as she hit her ceiling with a broom. The nurse lived below. One-child policy. Held upside down and smacked on the back to breathe. October Crisis. Brother went blue.


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