No Focus and I’m OK with that – On Poetry and Reading in General

I’m in the habit again of reading five books all at the same time. I don’t complete them, leaving them strewn around the house like half filled cups of tea. Some with bookmarks and some I don’t care where I lose my place in.

I’m reading a book of poetry called The Essential Anne Wilkinson selected by Ingrid Ruthig.

I’ve read Canadian poetry before, but want to read more. I’ve likely read more American and British poetry.

As I’m reading, I like to read a poem or two and then go back and do a close reading of the poem to garner more meaning. Maybe this is the ModPo in me. I enjoy looking at how a poem is written more so than why.

But I am reading about Anne Wilkinson to understand a bit about her social, philosophical, and political movements in her time that may have influenced her art. I believe that our creations are influenced by what happens around us.

I’m still in the midst of reading Wilkinson’s poetry and reading some material about the poet and her life. I have done some initial readings of a couple of poems but I want to go more in-depth which means I’ll write out what I think her words and poems mean. Word by word, line by line, stanza by stanza. Looking at punctuation, form, metaphors, devices, and constraints.

This is where I’m at with my poetry and with my reading. Are you reading any good books? Novels? Poetry? Short stories? Please feel free to let me know in the comments. I’m always looking to build my insurmountable TBR list.


8 thoughts on “No Focus and I’m OK with that – On Poetry and Reading in General

  1. I could never read 5 books at the same time, it would be too distracting. I have done three for the most in the past but I like focusing on one story. I feel you about that never ending TBR pile, I want to read off all the books on my list[ for e reader] this year or try. What genres are you into?

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    1. That’s the thing, Noirfifre, I rarely finish them, I only seem to get started. I think this bad habit comes from attending university haha. I’m into so many genres, it’s too long to list here. But feel free to make a suggestion of something really great you’ve read lately, if you’d like.


      1. Yes, university and multitasking reading, ahh the days. I have not read anything great lately but some good romances. I must remember to come back to give you at least one recommedation.

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  2. Ah, life’ s little mysteries. I was at a convocation address given in the form of a joint poem by Canadian poets Lorna Crozier and Patrick lane and I met a McGill university professor who mentioned the Wilkinson book. But there’s more. Wilkinson is related to me. She was an Osler and wrote a biography of my family called Lions in the Way. It was only in my 40’spare I learned she was a great poet.

    I also write a blog on my website where I profile themes and poets who are on my heart!

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    1. Richard, all I can say is, wow.

      This really is a small world. I love Wilkinson. Thanks for mentioning The Lions Way (adding that to my TBR list). And, I look forward to checking out your blog on your site.


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