Prose poetry x 2: One written before mindfulness meditation. One after.

I wrote two poems using a prose poetry format.


Too much time spent on the computer mindlessly scrolling, searching, posting, reading, laughing, zoned out. Too much time spent zoned out. Too zoned out. Zoned out. Zoned. In the magic circle of games. Bursting the magic circle is dangerous. Rage ensues. Leave the person in their bubble. Their bubble. Cocooned. No idea how cocooned we’d become. How housebound we’d all be. Time to come out of the cocoon. Come out of the cocoon. Out of the cocoon. Cocoon. Soon turns into a butterfly. A butterfly away from social media. The weather becomes nicer and the butterfly lands on my laptop. Seated on the deck checking out social media. And like the butterfly, I shred off the media, fly away for some sweet nectar. Sweet nectar of nature. Another place to search, read, laugh, but zone in.


Snooze you lose. You lose. Sleep. Sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation. Actually, I heard someone call it sleep desperation. Sleep desperate, eh? Yeah? Me too. Yeah, me as well. How about some medication for that? How about you just switch off your computer at night. At night. That glaring screen. Uproots your circadian rhythm. Rhythm. Thm. Them. Them that do not get enough sleep. Get enough sleep. Enough! Sleep! The pressure.

Which prose poem do you think that I wrote after meditating and why? Kindly, comment.


12 thoughts on “Prose poetry x 2: One written before mindfulness meditation. One after.

      1. Hmm. This isn’t an exercise in right from wrong. It’s a question I like to throw out there for fun and it helps teach me how I write and how others perceive my writing. So, if being wrong helps me look at how I write then that is a good thing. Thank you, Josh.

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