Colleen’s Fourth Guideline for Writing: On Meditation

These rules, which I now call guidelines are for me. If you like what you read, please feel free to adopt and adapt any strategies that I use to make my writing better.

I use mindful meditation as a tool for many things. One thing that it helps me to do is to clear my mind. Or deal with thoughts that block me from doing my best of anything. So if I can meditate, clear my mind of intrusive thoughts and deal with thoughts that block my writing it makes me a better writer.

I wrote one poem before I meditated today and one poem after I meditated. It doesn’t mean that one poem is better than the other but it allowed me to write more about my process on how I can approach writing. Which I have done briefly so far.

This is a poetry post for Blogging 101. It’s what some of my readers seem to want to read. It’s also about trying to figure out what I want to write.




annihilation of the thoughts that are pulling and pushing.
The left brain massaged with green, yellow, white.
A list
With three columns


Yes list

Maybe and No,
Cut off from the list stamped on and kicked behind me.
Sleep is now upon me.
I dare to dream.



I’m in a constraint.
Unsure of what I want.
I can go left or right or straight ahead.
Running man; but not three ways.

I want them all.
I can’t have them all.
It’s one or the other or the other.
Heart, head and body in conflict.

Heart wants what the heart wants.
Head wants what the head wants.
Body wants what the body wants.
Each one wants what each one wants.

Heart wants a connection.
Head wants what makes sense.
Body wants pleasures.
This is far from balanced and I am troubled.

The trick is in figuring out which part of me leads the others.
The trick is in figuring out which part of me will lead today.
The trick is in figuring out which part of me will get to decide.
When all I want to do is glide.

Perhaps I will soar.
Running man.
Testing me, man.
Like never before.


I have been able to write a clearer blog post because of my meditation. I was able to write two poems, instead of one. Works for me.


11 thoughts on “Colleen’s Fourth Guideline for Writing: On Meditation

    1. I’ve been practicing meditation for eight years both alone and like yesterday along with a group. I’d like to hear about you being a zazen practitioner sometime. If there’s something on your site, kindly let me know.


      1. I’ve never dived too deep into Zen practice on my site (and I’m not sure why, now that I think about it) but my go-to Zen person is Brad Warner: His books cut through a lot of bullshit and get right to what it is to practice Zen (for better or worse). He also recently wrote a really good article, too, entitled “What is Zen Anyway?” ( Solid stuff – and now I’ll have to consider writing about my practice. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you for replying. I’m going to check out those two links. Perhaps you don’t go into your zen practice on your site because it’s not what you’re into writing about. However if you choose to do so, I will be someone who’ll read those posts.


      3. Zen and writing have a long history so I’m sure I can have fun with it – but, yeah, it’s strange, now that I am thinking about it, how little i do think about it (which is maybe the point, if there’s a point to be had…).

        Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s the opposite, but that’s OK. Yeah, I agree that there seems to be more depth in the second one that I wrote before meditating because I had so much on my mind. I wrote the first poem after meditating, when I was relaxed. I was exhausted that day and so there was not much energy left. My meditation also provided me with the chance to sleep for 12 hours and I truly needed it. It would be interesting to do this again on a day when I am not exhausted. Then, perhaps there may be more to each poem – maybe, maybe not. Hey, thanks you just gave me a great idea – write poems before and after meditating and see what happens. Thank you for your feedback.


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