I used some poetry, some stanzas that I had sitting in Scrivener. Not doing anything. But they did speak to the prompt, landscape. I wrote about the reflection I can see in puddles on my backyard deck and about the field hockey games that I played in England in early morning, on foggy pitches, where I couldn’t see where I was going. The jumbled up words no longer mean those things to me, instead I have a new story, a new poem, with new stanzas.

I cut out each word and tossed them into a plastic Ziploc bag.

Then I pulled out each word and glued it to a piece of paper.

The enumeratio ended up working, but in an abstract way, my favourite way. There seem to be two lines to that seem to be lists.

Writing 201: Landscape

  • Prompt: landscape
  • Form: found poetry
  • Device: enumeratio

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