Blooming Hell! Check your Drawers


Bloomers in drawers –
ambrosial new knickers, aired for the looking-glass in the plaza.
Plentiful chambers brimming with possessions,
Bear belongings put aside.

O hoard –
you wretched trappings.
All stockpiled,
Relinquished animals.

Conveyor belt –
expired to the ash heap.
Sweeten the pot; hawk ’n save,
O materialistic praise!

Turned on by flashbacks of valuables endeared –
I miss you Grandad.
I miss you Ripley,
What the heck did my mom give this knick knack to him for?

O beloved mother, how you praise the souvenirs –
clandestine in the crick cracks of your drawers, my drawers, his drawers, her drawers, everyone’s drawers.
What would happen if you filled up,
Burst into brightness, wrapped treasures from mother dearest.

Would I miss you?
I don’t think so –
Why do we have fun with our meal tickets on you?
Dynamics performed to live – like this?

Good God –
get me a clean drawer.
One that is empty,
Not one that needs more!

The yard sale –
visited by the neighbour.
Oh what treasures from your drawers,
I’ll covet these!

They please me –
I’ll put them away in my drawers.
I’m your neighbour, I’ll do you the favour,
Care for your wares, treasures, trinkets, baubles; in my drawers, curiosity cracks, cabinets, stash-away places!


Writing 201: Drawer

  • Prompt: drawer
  • Form: ode
  • Device: apostrophe

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