Dawson’s Fingers in A Brain

Dawson’s got his fingers in a brain? Lighting up like mighty, bright, white lightbulbs. Finger in a brain. Fingering a brain. In a brain. A brain. Brain. A part of the central nervous system. Dawson’s got his fingers in the central nervous system. Nervous maker.

What’s his system; Dawson, what you up to, man? Get out of that brain. You cat, you. That MRI will find you. Only if it’s a T3 or better though. Go to Buffalo. Like little fingers reaching through the mind, pulling thoughts this way and that. Pulling muscles, making them rustle, this way and that. Pulling limbs out from under. Can’t play a cello no more, fingers won’t comply. Hello. Can’t dance no more, can’t wear high heels. There’s a middle finger. A peace sign. A rock star gesture.

How many fingers are you holding up Dawson? Many nerves. Around certain curves. The body is avant-garde. Ezra, may pound his fists with fingers about this, dude.

Did a Stephen Hawking fall? Pain in legs, stingers, zingers, some real ringers. Deep bone. Baritone sings a song about this. Caulking the bathroom tiles to keep everything together. Muscles twitch in the ditch. Neck pain, strangulation, in this nation. Burden ahead, squeezes tight with all it’s might. Dawson take a hike. Through the mic.


Writing 201: Fingers

  • Prompt: fingers
  • Form: prose
  • Device: assonance

5 thoughts on “Dawson’s Fingers in A Brain

    1. Thank you, Jane. I have written copy, articles, co-wrote a play, and I have two novels still in progress and short stories. I’ve only just discovered that I enjoy writing poetry the most and I’m thinking that this is what I may want to spend most of my time writing. This is a new way for me to write. Your opinion carries weight, I see you in the blogosphere quite a bit – thank you for the true complement. It helps validate my thinking that this is a direction that I can focus on if I choose. I also feel like I’m enjoying the process and most of the time I like what I’ve written. I find that it’s harder for me to create a large work of fiction. It doesn’t flow for me like poetry.

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      1. I know what you mean about novels. I have read a few which read like poetry, but it’s very rare for an author to be able to keep the standard up – and novels are too plot-led. It’s boring to keep droning on about the same old characters and their challenges. Much more fun to weave a a few words into magic, and knock peopledead that way.
        However, I enjoy reading good novels.

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      2. I know. And yet, I’m still torn. To finish the book, or to not finish the book. OK, first I’ll write a bunch of poetry and then maybe that will whet my appetite for finishing one of my novels. Keep knocking people dead with your poetry Jane.

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