Dive Back Into Works

Although I’m a Dickinsonian, my favourite poem is Between Walls by William Carlos Williams.

The reason why it’s my favourite piece is because I can do an extensive reading on a concise poem. It also encouraged me to write in other places, like a hospital, which I have done. And, I love the abstraction and the constraints.

I learned to do a reading on this poem, through a Coursera MOOC, called ModPo, aka a Modern and Contemporary American Poetry course that I highly recommend. And, each September I can take it again. I can hardly wait for my second go round. Would you like to join me and many others?


8 thoughts on “Dive Back Into Works

    1. How cool is that? I really liked the video sessions and they clarified readings for me or inspired me to read further and explore my own close readings. I’d take notes like I was in a lecture. Perhaps we’ll meet up there again!

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      1. Oh, yeah I see what you mean. You know, when I started to get to know the profs and the TAs then I started to enjoy those a bit more. I also continue to interact with Al Filreis sometimes on Twitter. The relationships built and the connections made seemed to make a big difference for me.

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