The labyrinth I see from my office

I was stumped, and then I simply, began to write. I have written out the poem so that you can read it. But I have also created it using a labyrinth pattern. The poem influenced how the labyrinth would look and the labyrinth changed how I wrote my poem.

There’s one thing that I’m still mulling over. I’m wondering if the concrete poem naturally lends itself to using enjambments. Perhaps.


The labyrinth I see from My office

Is walked by many;

I’ve seen a Dog walk –

The entire Labyrinth.

I walk the labyrinth as a form of meditation

I focus on My breath;

As I mindfully walk –

The entire labyrinth.

There is no race

I go at My own pace;

Just like the Dog went at His –

The entire labyrinth.

My anima –

I inhale

I exhale;

The Dog pants –

I focus

On My breath;

My mind wanders to the Dog –

Who doesn’t think about His


The entire labyrinth.

I’m going to walk it

Again, one more time –

The entire

L a b y r i n t h.

The entire Labyrinth I see from my office Is walked by MANY.


Writing 201: Animal

  • Prompt: animal (or anima for breath)
  • Form: concrete poetry
  • Device: enjambment

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