When I received Day Three’s instructions, I just started writing. I like to include capitalization and punctuation in my poetry. This looks more like the kind of poem that comes naturally to me.

I also have a longer version of this poem, but I like to work within constraints. I edited out many words.


Tender –
Up, then down –
start, begin again, refrain.
Turn – we spend ’til the end.



Writing 201: Trust

  • Prompt: trust
  • Form: acrostic
  • Device: rhyme

5 thoughts on “Trust(worthy)

  1. Well most of your acrostic is internal rhyme [easy on my part, haha]. I like how you structure your poem, I am not sure if it was deliberate but certain words by themselves with dashes and commas, force my brain to slow down. I had to trust your movement. Ah ha! You sly one. :).

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