Time For a Green Beer

I’m part Irish, right? So a limerick MUST be in me blood. Let’s have a look, shall we?

The process for writing a handful of limericks was challenging. I came up with some super smart words, however the lines lacked a beat and I forgot to write about a journey.

When I was in the shower I finally got the words that I was looking for. That was a super fast shower.

Then I was distracted and forgot to write down the words after I towel dried. But, when I was making lunch, I suddenly remembered to write down my words, with only two minutes left before the oven timer went off.

I think I ended up in a silly place, but at least it got me where I needed to go. And as Ryan Lanz’s site says: “Write the poem only you can write.” – Billy Collins.


I’m writing a dilly-dally ditty
To make me journey of writing this little limerick look witty
But I fell full on me hollow head
And now me big brain is dumb dead
It’s what happens when I train-tour a silly city!


Writing 201: Journey

  • Prompt: journey
  • Form: limerick
  • Device: alliteration

3 thoughts on “Time For a Green Beer

    1. I tried the serious kind, and it just didn’t work out for me. Plus, this came to me when I was in the shower. You know, where there is nowhere to write and I hoped that I would recall the words.


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