Colleen’s Revised List of Rules for Writing

Last fall, I came up with a post called Colleen’s List of Rules for Writing. I changed that list. I knew I would change my mind.

I’ve already covered the first three. The rest of the list I’ve changed and switched around a bit, because I’m actively doing things that support my writing efforts that I want to see in this version. Some topics need to be nearer to the top of my list – I can write about subjects that are timely. This list of rules seems to require more flexibility than I first thought. I’m thinking I may call them guidelines, rather than rules. Perhaps I’ll decide that later.

I’ve edited out some of the items on my list. I’m sure they will reappear on another one of my new and improved lists sometime.

  1. Get outside everyday. Please read this thought HERE.
  2. Write my morning pages. If you haven’t heard about morning pages, please visit my blog again and I’ll talk about that in more detail in a separate post. Please read this post HERE.
  3. Be willing to write anywhere, anytime, in the quiet or in the noise. Please visit and read this idea HERE.
  4. Meditate.
  5. Edit someone else’s work.
  6. Relish solitude.
  7. Demonstrate appreciation for other people’s blogs in my writing.
  8. Figure out what e-Reader I want by Valentine’s Day, 2016.
  9. Read, read, read.
  10. Go to the library.
  11. Back up my files.
  12. Believe in, and accept myself – I am good enough the way that I am.
  13. Keep a journal with me and ask for them as presents.
  14. Drink. Tea.
  15. Eat.
  16. Sleep.
  17. Hang out with my writer friends – they are my people.
  18. Attend or participate in a writerly event, outing, or meeting at least once a month.
  19. Have pretty pens, post-it notes, and paper.
  20. Paint my walls for colour inspiration.
  21. Keep my bookshelf and a comfy chair next to my desk.
  22. Make my room creative. A piano is in my space.
  23. Know my genres.
  24. Notice how others write, not just what they say.
  25. Experiment with my writing.
  26. Move.

OK, I fine-tuned my list. This is what it looks like. Maybe I should also write about why I love to make lists. Perhaps.


4 thoughts on “Colleen’s Revised List of Rules for Writing

  1. Can I pick and choose, like Smarties? Yes? Good.
    I like all but 2 and 4. And can I add one to your list? It’s similar to 23. Not only should a writer know their genre, they should pay attention to the different techniques. Just because a technique may be used in poetry and you write Sci-Fi doesn’t mean you can’t adapt it to your writing. It makes the writing richer and sets you apart for the pack.
    Keep your pen on the page, Colleen.

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