We’re already seven days well into 2015 and the power went out this morning. Flashbacks to last year’s ice storm have tilted my kilt. Anyway, now that I know I’m not going to freeze, I can’t help but reflect back on what I binged on over the holidays – memorable movies, tantalizing television series, and bountiful books.

I watched the rest of the third season of American Horror Story: Coven. I sat my behind down in front of almost three seasons of Felicity. After watching a supernatural world of witches, watching burgeoning college students and their failures was no less horrifying, really.

I read Gayle Forman’s young-adult novel, If I Stay, plus I started Maya Angelou’s autobiography I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings.

Typically, when I feel a book binge coming on, I head to my local library and carry out as many novels as I can possibly lug home. Considering I had some Christmas mad-money, I purchased paperbacks, including:

  • Stephen King’s Under The Dome: Part Two
  • Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl
  • Andrew Pyper’s The Demonologist

I really only went into the bookstore to buy The Demonologist but I had to buy a couple more because I had that buy-all-the-books frenzied feeling going on. And, I confess that I have already seen the second season of Under The Dome, but I may as well read the book after seeing the show.

Yeah, I love all kinds of horror. Plus, I don’t follow that rule. You know, the one that some people believe in, which seems to be I-have-to-read-the-book-before-I-see-the-movie-or-TV-show guideline. Rules shmools.

I handed over my list, asking for a book for Christmas from my family and received Paula Brackston’s The Witch’s Daughter.

Now I think, no I know, I’m into witches. I’ve got a book with a witch in the title, there’s a Wiccan character on Felicity and my second WIP has something to do with witches. It amazes me how much common knowledge that I already have stored in my brain about witches, however I want to research more about them because there are so many questions that I have about witches before I go back and edit and add to my novel that’s sitting in Scrivener. It’s cackling at me as I type this.

I also went into the city and watched Into The Woods on the big screen, with another more famous witch, Meryl Streep – her character, not the actress. And I saw the latest young-adult movie, Mockingjay – Part I. I would like to whistle now, burst into broadway song, and thank goodness no one can hear me do either.

I did a lot of bingeing, but it’s a time of year that I felt worthy of a binge and it was guilt-free too.


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