Colleen’s Number One Rule For Writing

Danae Various 2010 161

My number one rule for writing is to get myself outside every day.

If I’m going to spend any amount of time at my computer typing away anything to go into my work in progress I need to get some fresh air, appreciate nature, get out of my four walls, and see and talk to other adults and children.

It gets me out of my head, and even out of any funk I may be in if that’s how I’m feeling.

This morning it’s -9 degrees celsius outside. If I bundle up I can walk around and see and feel my environment in a new way. I can breathe in the fresh air. If there is sun, I can get a bit of happiness from the rays on my face.

I may find something outside that encourages me to write or I may not.

I may get an idea that suddenly pops into my head or I may not.

What I may get is some human contact and what I will get is a connection with nature. I can have something to eat or drink when I get back indoors and then sit at my computer and start making something new again.

~ Writing Prompt: I just need to make it until noon. ~

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