Review: Marie Green McKeon’s “A Balm In Gilead: A Novel”

A Balm in Gilead: A NovelA Balm in Gilead: A Novel by Marie Green McKeon

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

TW for sexual assault.

Marie Green McKeon, an American journalist, editor, advertising and marketing copywriter’s dream was to be a novel writer. She got that chance with her first novel A BALM IN GILEAD: A NOVEL, her first published book.

I looked for the title’s reference in the book, in addition to the African American spiritual reference which can be read, before the story begins. Google shows that it’s common knowledge and I easily pieced together what its meaning is. The balm of Gilead has biblical references, and it is a poetic reference, asking for healing.

The main character Quinn is sexually assaulted on a university campus. What I appreciate about the story is that it more than all about the one tragic event, rather it was more about what happened in Quinn’s life following the vicious attack.

A gripping tale, with characters who made me shift allegiances, while turning the pages, leaving me to wonder who was really the perpetrator, ends with a nail-biting scene.

Read to see if there is a healing.

~I received Marie Green McKeon’s A Balm in Gilead: A Novel from Goodreads’ first-reads program~

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