A Canadian, On a Modern and Contemporary American Poetry Kick


I was encouraged by a colleague from the Writers’ Community of Durham Region (WCDR) to check out a course on Modern and Contemporary American Poetry through Coursera. Wanting to spend more time at my computer writing, I was once again distracted by something else and signed up.

What seemed like yet another distraction has actually been a blessing. And the possibilities are endless – a nod to Emily Dickinson.

I’m gleaning a great deal from this interactive course:

  1. My vocabulary is expanding.
  2. Thanks to being introduced to poet, Gertrude Stein, I am now more aware of paying attention to the words that I read and the words that I write, and look at them more closely. Usually I read to gain information, but so much more can be used by paying attention to how I write the words, not just what I say.
  3. I can now start writing poetry if I wish.
  4. I spend a great deal of time reading, which will make me a better writer.

I can take out my work-in-progress, continue world building, create additional characters, ensure that I have a sub plot going, and many other ideas that I want to put into my manuscript.

I can pull out a couple of my short stories and look at my words and how I write, then revise.

How can I improve my writing? By being a better reader. And this is one of the ways that I’ve done it – I stumbled into it.


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